The climate in Gastonia, North Carolina, can be hard on a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Keeping your HVAC unit in good working order reduces the frequency of breakdowns, saves fuel and prolongs your equipment’s life. Here’s how preventive maintenance helps your heating and cooling system.

Ensures Peak Performance

Like any finely tuned equipment, you must maintain HVAC systems for peak performance. Most manufacturers recommend seasonal tune-ups. During a preventive maintenance visit, a certified HVAC contractor will examine, clean and calibrate each element of the system. This will include:

  • Checking the refrigerant levels
  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter
  • Oiling all moving parts
  • Calibrating the thermostat
  • Cleaning and inspecting the furnace plenum and housing
  • Examining the electrical connections
  • Checking the gas and oil burners
  • Ensuring the unit cycles properly
  • Cleaning the drip pan and condensate lines

If a comfort technician identifies a small problem the during a maintenance visit, he or she can usually correct it quickly and inexpensively. By doing so, it’ll reduce the likelihood of a breakdown and possible premature system replacement.

Extends the Life of the Unit

Preventive HVAC maintenance allows the components of well-maintained equipment to work together efficiently. A system that’s properly maintained lasts longer, because it doesn’t strain itself to meet your comfort demands.

Saves Energy

A poorly maintained system uses more energy to operate. Cleaning or changing the filter regularly can cut energy costs by up to 15 percent. Sealing leaking ducts can improve efficiency by 20 percent. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that tuning up the entire system can reduce fuel usage by as much as 30 percent annually. Add it all up, and maintenance can save a lot of energy and money.

If you’re interested in scheduling a tune-up or enrolling in a preventive maintenance plan, contact Roland Black Heating & Cooling. With more than 35 years of experience serving, you can count on us to deliver quality at a fair price.

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