Crisp and cool weather is upon us. You can take a deep breath and fill your lungs with the crisp air that is wavering through the leaves and brushing against our fleece jackets and wool sweaters. Breathe it in—fresh, crisp air that refreshes you from the inside out.

You can have this sensation all year round with Roland Black Heating & Cooling’s air quality products. Typically, we pay attention to the temperature of our homes, try to find non-toxic cleaning products or look for the latest and greatest in home-improvement gadgets, but how often do we think about the air we’re breathing?

Actually, the air quality in your home can be worse than the air quality outside. According to the EPA, the levels of indoor air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels, and in some cases these levels can exceed 100 times that of outdoor levels of the same pollutants.

With humidifiers that add just the right amount of moisture and filters that trap dust and other particles, your home will be refreshed in a way it never has been before. Studies show that Indoor Air Quality can reduce respiratory illness, including Covid-19, by up to 76% by balancing humidity and improving air circulation.

The Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner can reduce the presence of dust, pollen, pet hair, dust mites, fungus, cooking grease, bacteria and more. It does this by catching 99.98% of airborne allergens and absorbing particles as small as .1 micron- making it up to 100 times more effective than a standard filter.

You can bring these revolutionary technologies into your home and confidently know that you and your loved ones are living in a cleaner, healthier environment.

Keep in mind, these indoor air quality products like the CleanEffects, Reme Halo or iWAVE are not just great products to have in your home, but they’re also assets to have in any waiting room, office area, classroom or meeting space.

As people are frequenting these places of business, you can help to protect everyone involved by ensuring you have the highest quality and cleanest air available. No matter if it’s allergy season or flu season, these reusable air filters, humidifiers and air quality technologies will do the dirty work for you.

Wherever you are, you can take control of the air you’re breathing. Imagine an allergy season unnoticed, a flu season without illness and a fresh feeling in your home year round even when you haven’t had the time to dust on the daily—this is the type of experience you can expect when you have an Air Quality product from Roland Black.

If you’re wondering about the specifics of these products or which you would most benefit from, give our team of trusted experts a call at (980) 206-0056

Take a deep breath, breathe it in— we promise it’s clean air delivered.

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