Roland Black Heating and Cooling is committed to providing you better air with comfort and care. As part of our promise, we’re always searching for new ways that we can improve, new techniques to add to our repertoire and new services that we can offer.

And we don’t just talk the talk. We’re now offering duct cleaning services to our customers in Gastonia, North Carolina, neighboring Gaston County cities, and the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area.

Why Does This Matter?
Cleaning the air ducts in your home can increase the air quality in your home by removing the dust, pet dander, pet hair and mold that is constantly being recirculated. Think there’s no dust in your home? Think again. The average family creates nearly 40 pounds of dust each year—yikes!

Maintaining clean ducts can also eliminate fire hazards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are approximately 15,600 dryer vent fires each year that result in 20 deaths, 370 injuries and $75.4 million in property damage.

Not only does it make your home safer and cleaner but it can also help you save money in the long-run. Dirty air ducts can restrict airflow requiring your heating and cooling system to work overtime. You can also save on your utility bills when you keep your air ducts and dryer vents maintained. Running your clothes through multiple dryer cycles will not only lead to wear and tear on your machine, but it will also increase your energy bill. But with clean ducts, one cycle is all it will take.

How Do We Do It?
There are two ways to effectively clean an air duct system, the negative air method versus the brush-and-vacuum method. While both are in use today, we find the brush-and-vacuum method to be superior. The brush head scrubs your air ducts thoroughly while the powerful vacuum removes the dirt and debris. We offer before and after video camera inspections so that you can see what’s hiding deep inside your vents. These before and after photos give you an up close look on the level of precision our technicians take.

Once we have completed cleaning we follow up with an EPA and COVID-19 approved sanitizing solution. This solution will kill cold and flu Viruses, COVID-19, 99.9% of Bacteria, 99.9% of most Allergens, Fungi & Molds, Household Germs, and Odor-causing Bacteria. And as an added bonus, these cleaning solutions are non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-derived and free of harmful chemicals.

As duct experts, you can trust that we’ll get your duct clean and put everything back the way it should be.
Get Your Ducts In A Row
The Environmental Protection Agency found that levels of air pollution inside the home can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Shocker, right?! As we’re all spending more time at home it’s necessary that we invest in cleaner air.

The cool guys at Roland Black Heating and Cooling have you covered when it comes to air quality control, and we are excited to extend our service now to offer duct cleaning!

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