Roland Black Heating and Cooling recently announced its first Market Leader, Jeff Webb, and we are excited about the work he and his team will be doing. Through the Market Leader program, Jeff will be managing the Gaston County market and leading his team to exceed client expectations, provide superior service and reach new heights within the heating and cooling industry. 

Market Leaders have a heavy responsibility as they take ownership of their own business, run a team and are expected to meet the high standards that the Roland Black name sets for itself. But Jeff is not a novice to the industry nor the Roland Black commitment to excellence. 

Prior to joining the team, he was in the military for 14 years completing tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once returning home, he started his career in the heating and cooling industry as a helper servicing residential clients. As his career developed, he gained more experience on the commercial side of the business as a lead mechanic. Shortly after, Jeff obtained his residential license and opened his own business for 5 years. Since then he’s worked with other heating and cooling companies for 11 years and has been with Roland Black for three years. 

For any heating and cooling technician, installer or mechanic looking to open his or her own business, Jeff can speak to the difference between doing it on your own and doing it as a Market Leader with Roland Black. He says, ”Roland Black has a history with their customer base which makes it easier with leads and jobs and everything else coming in compared to where I started before.”

It wasn’t just that Jeff understood the benefits of opening his own business with Roland Black in comparison to doing it on his own that made him pursue the Market Leader role, it was also the control it gave him over his career. 

“Having 100% control—that’s the number one thing I am looking forward to. I am the one who has control of how far I can go and what I can do in this industry from this point forward,” he said.

Jeff understands that as a Market Leader, he not only has control over his career but he also influences his clients, his employees and the Gaston County community. “I’m looking forward to more leadership and being able to grow as a person, as a salesman, as a leader and also helping my guys as far as their careers are concerned.”

Ultimately, he says that it is the culture, values and family-like atmosphere that set Roland Black apart from the rest. “It’s the added incentive knowing that everyone leans on each other and takes care of each other,” he said. “We don’t leave a service tech or an install mechanic by themselves when they don’t know how to get things done or where to get things done.” The Roland Black culture focuses on building a team, equipping each other and cheering for one another through each situation. 

Jeff Webb’s attention to detail, commitment to excellence, knowledge of the industry and natural leadership skills have equipped him to be Roland Black’s first Market Leader, and we are eager to support him in this and watch him exceed all expectations. 

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