In 1973, Roland Black Heating and Cooling was founded in Gastonia, North Carolina. It began as a family-owned HVAC company that took pride in providing a referral-worthy experience to every customer. We are proud to say that 48 years later, we are still providing the same quality heating and cooling services to the community we call home.

Our roots are grounded in attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship and high-quality people. Although we’ve grown and implemented new practices, technologies, and processes, we still remain true to who we are.

Roland Black Heating and Cooling is committed to continuing to provide this referral worthy service and training the next generation of heating and cooling technicians throughout our community and beyond. One way we’re doing this is through the Market Leader program. 

Through the Market Leader program, employees have the opportunity to open his or her own branch of Roland Black Heating and Cooling and reap the benefits with full backing from the company. 

The Market Leader does not have to worry about the financial strain of starting a business, nor do they have to fill their schedules sitting behind a computer to do the taxes, dispatch, payroll or marketing—that is all handled by our ZoomUp Shared Services team. Market Leaders are able to lead their teams, work in the field and pass on their skills and passions to the next generation of tradesmen and tradeswomen who also want to become Market Leaders. 

It is with great pride and excitement that we introduce Jeff Webb as our first Market Leader. Jeff has 21 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry and has been with Roland Black for 3 years. Jeff’s experience, passion, and leadership represent all that a Market Leader should be and more. 

“I’m looking forward to more leadership and being able to grow as a person, as a salesman, as a leader and also helping my guys as far as their careers are concerned,” he said.

Market Leaders are not only chosen for their technical skills and knowledge but also because of their drive, ambition, and entrepreneurial spirit. Jeff will be overseeing the Gaston County market and strives to “push Roland Black’s growth into the foreseeable future while exceeding the expectations of our customers.”

On behalf of Roland Black Heating and Cooling, please join us in congratulating Jeff on this accomplishment and the next step in his rewarding career. 

If you are interested in becoming a Market Leader with Roland Black Heating and Cooling, please reach out to our HR team at 

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