The Roland Black Heating and Cooling teams have been serving clients in Gastonia, Gaston County, and the Charlotte/Mecklenburg areas for over 45 years, and our technicians have seen it all—from broken AC units in the middle of the hottest summers to burnt out furnaces in the dead of winter. 

Because we’ve seen it all, we understand the importance of preventative maintenance. So, as the warmer weather begins to roll around with the spring and summer months, remember to schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment. 

When you sign up for the Air Care Plan with Roland Black, you won’t have to worry about your HVAC system withstanding the summer heat as our teams will perform maintenance checks on your unit regularly. You’ll also benefit from priority scheduling and exclusive discounts on replacement parts!

Check out these 5 reasons why preventative HVAC maintenance is a profitable investment for your home. 

1. Saves You Money

Research shows that routine HVAC maintenance lowers the cost of breakdowns by 95% which in turn saves you money on costly repairs and saves you from the emotional turmoil. Additionally, when your HVAC unit is in prime condition, it can help to lower your utility bills by nearly 30% as it’s not having to work harder than it should to cool off your home. 

2. Improves Your Air Quality

According to the EPA, the average American is spending 90% of their time indoors, and while we’re all living in our “bubbles,” do we really know what’s in the air we’re breathing in our own homes? EPA studies have found that the levels of indoor air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels, and in some cases these levels can exceed 100 times that of outdoor levels of the same pollutants. Preventative maintenance and an inspected HVAC unit can help to keep your ducts clean, well-filtered and properly functioning.

Psst: Learn more about the indoor air-quality products offered by Roland Black Heating and Cooling here! 

3. Provides You Comfort

No one wants to experience the humid North Carolina summer heat without the cool breeze of air conditioning. Keeping up with routine HVAC maintenance can make sure that you never experience a grueling summer day without the sweet relief of air conditioning.

4. Keeps You Safe

When you schedule a routine HVAC maintenance check with Roland Black, our expert technicians will comb over your entire system, checking for any dangerous electrical issues, ensuring gas/fuel/exhaust safety on furnaces, and making sure your system is operating within normal manufacturer specifications. 

5. Makes it Easy

Scheduling a routine preventative check-in ahead of time makes it easier than ever to keep up with your home’s maintenance. It won’t fall off your calendar or get pushed aside, Roland Black’s team of trained HVAC professionals will show up on the day of your appointment and promptly get the job done. 

Ready to schedule your HVAC maintenance check before the summer heat rolls into town? Give our team a call today! 

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