HVAC filters should be changed every 30 to 90 days. The more people and pets in your Gastonia, NC home, the more often filters need changing. Here’s why filter changes are an essential element of HVAC upkeep:

Keep Indoor Air Clean

The grunge in a dirty filter comes from the air inside your home. When the filter isn’t replaced, that gunk recirculates throughout your entire home. It can contain particles like pollen that trigger allergic reactions or microbes like bacteria that can make you sick. HEPA filters with a MERV of 10 or more that are changed regularly help to keep indoor air healthy.

Prevent Dirty Buildup Inside Your HVAC

Without filter changes, dust and grit will penetrate your HVAC and impede efficient performance. Grungy buildup can damage moving parts like motors, blowers, and valves. An overload of dirt can obstruct airflow, cause the unit to overwork, and even shorten its lifespan. This grit can strain the motor so severely that it may cause a total breakdown and force you to completely replace the system.

Keep Energy Bills From Going Crazy

If the unit overworks because of a dirty filter, you’ll see escalating energy bills. Your HVAC may constantly short-cycle as it attempts to maintain a stable indoor temperature. If excessive dust collects within the unit, it will degrade moving parts. They’ll operate slowly and use more energy. Keeping filters clean can deliver a savings of up to 15 percent on cooling costs.

Extend System Lifespan and Reduce HVAC Repairs

Air conditioners and furnaces can be in service for up to 15 years if you take care of them. Skipping filter changes can easily shave years off the lifespan of a unit. Neglecting filter changes can also create problems that require expensive HVAC repairs.

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