Although the south winters in south Charlotte, Gastonia and the surrounding areas are relatively mild, it’s still important for homeowners to know that you can have heat when you need it. 

The Roland Black team has been performing fall maintenance tune-ups and safety checks over the last several months, ensuring that our clients and neighbors won’t be left out in the cold when temperatures drop. 

However, if you skipped out on your fall performance and safety check this year, be sure that you know these four warning signs that your furnace will give you when it’s in need of a repair or replacement.

1. The Furnace is Making Strange Noises

We’re not talking about the noises that it’s making as it’s turning on and off, but if the furnace is making rattling, squeaking, or clunking noises while it is running, this is a true indicator that something is wrong and needs to be evaluated ASAP. 

2. The Pilot Light Is Yellow, Not Blue

Normally, the pilot light on your furnace will give off a blue burn, but if that light turns yellow, you have a problem. A yellow light is not the only signal that there is an issue; if the pilot light flickers on and off erratically, you need to call in a heating and air professional. This flickering could be a sign that the furnace is emitting carbon monoxide, a life-threatening chemical if not caught in time. Turn the furnace off, open the doors and windows and call a professional at Roland Black Heating and Cooling immediately if this happens to you. 

3. The Heating Bills Keep Going Up, Up and Up

Have you lived in your home for years on end and your heating bills have never been this high? This could be a sign that your heating system is not operating at its peak performance. If this is the case, you can make an appointment with the Roland Black team to closely inspect your unit to see if any maintenance is needed or if any parts are broken or in need of repairs. 

4. The Air Isn’t As Fresh

Sure, it’s cold and flu season but you’ve never coughed or sneezed so much in your own home as you are this year. If this is true for you, it could be a sign that your home’s indoor air quality is decreasing due to old air filters or perhaps it’s the result of a bigger problem with your heating system. Indoor air quality is essential for healthy living and with as much time as we are spending in our homes, it’s more important than ever. Roland Black is proud to offer indoor air quality assessments and solutions so that you can take a breath of fresh air in your home all year long. 

Call our team today to ask about the REME HALO and how we can help improve the air quality in your home. 

Don’t be left in the cold this year, if you notice any of these warning signs coming from your furnace, give the Roland Black team a call immediately. Routine maintenance is essential in keeping your heating and cooling system in prime condition and our team is ready to provide comfort and clean air in your home this season.

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