You can save up to $180 or 15 percent annually on energy costs for your Gastonia, NC home with a programmable thermostat. It’s more convenient than manually adjusting temperatures multiple times per day. Properly programmed, the device will maintain the most energy-efficient temperature settings automatically. Programmable device installation is one of many HVAC services that can save you money and enhance your indoor comfort.

Types of Thermostats

The amount you can save depends on how many programming options you have and your family’s routine. Four different device types are available:

  • One-day devices maintain the same heating or cooling schedule every day.
  • 5/2 devices maintain one schedule on weekdays and another on weekends.
  • 5/1/1 devices maintain one schedule on weekdays, another schedule on Saturdays and a third schedule on Sundays.
  • Seven-day devices maintain different schedules every day of the week.

Energy-efficient Temperature Settings

Programmable devices have at least four settings: wake time, leave time, return time, and sleep time.

  • Maintain a summer indoor temperature of 78°F while you’re home and a temperature of 80-85°F when you’re away. Most people are comfortable sleeping with a temperature of 80°F.
  • Maintain a winter indoor temperature of 68 degrees while you’re home and a temperature of 60°F when you’re away or asleep.

Tips for Additional Energy Savings

  • Program your device to begin reducing or raising the temperature 30 minutes before you leave or return home.
  • Use the override feature to change the schedule temporarily without affecting your usual settings. Use this feature sparingly because it consumes extra energy.
  • When you’re away for extended periods, use the hold feature to override your usual settings. Maintain temperatures that are slightly cooler than your lowest heater setting and slightly warmer than your highest AC setting. That saves money while still protecting your home from excessive cold, humidity and heat.

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