What is something that you are trained to do? Maybe it’s as simple as saying “please” and “thank you.” Perhaps you’ve been trained in a certain profession, or maybe you’re training kids to say “yes ma’am” and “no sir.” You could even be training your four-legged friend to sit on command. 

No matter what you’ve been trained to do, you can understand the importance of practicing and teaching skill sets and habits that you’ll never forget. At Roland Black Heating and Cooling, we have been training our technicians to be experts in comfort and care since 1973. Providing comfort and care to our customers in Gastonia, Gaston County and the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area is what we do best.

Our attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship continue to make us one of the best HVAC installers in the state – a Trane Comfort Specialist you can trust!

As a Trane Comfort Specialist (TCS), we’ve solidified our reputation as a dependable HVAC contractor that consistently delivers high-quality work. Because of our commitment as a TCS, we promise to:

  • Offer a two-year, in-house labor warranty when you purchase a new Trane system
  • Offer a 10-year warranty  on all functional parts in your new Trane system with automatic warranty registration
  • Always charge flat-rate prices and never charge fees for return visits when repairs don’t stick
  • Offer a lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty on our installations
  • Ensure your 100% satisfaction in all our HVAC products and services
  • Dispatch an experienced comfort technician to your home

In addition to the priority care that you’ll receive from our team, you’ll also receive the highest-quality products. Roland Black is one of the oldest Trane dealers in town, and we continue to grow our partnership with the industry’s leading manufacturer. 

Trane is a world leader in air condition systems, and their reputation as a reliable and high-quality provider is why we continue to partner with them to provide you the best solutions for your home. We believe in the beauty of craftsmanship and promise to deliver outstanding service with top-of-the-line products every time.

Have questions about what this means for you? Give our team a call; we’d love to talk!  Plus, you can learn more about our commitment as a Trane Comfort Specialist here

24/7 Emergency Service!

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