While the winter temperatures in Gastonia, North Carolina, have been relatively mild in February, the season isn’t over yet. Therefore, homeowners are still relying heavily on their heating systems for warmth and comfort. If you notice any one of the following four warning signs, you might need a major heating repair sooner rather than later.

Your Furnace is Making Strange Sounds

If you hear your heating system making sounds as it turns off and on throughout the day, don’t worry. In most cases, this isn’t an indication that something is wrong. But if you notice it making strange sounds while it’s operating, you might have a problem that needs repairing. Squealing, rattling and other similar sounds should alarm you.

Your Furnace’s Pilot Light is Burning Yellow

While your lighter’s flame might burn yellow when you flick it on, your furnace’s pilot light should burn a steady blue flame. If your furnace’s pilot light is burning yellow, or if you notice it flickering erratically, your furnace is likely producing carbon monoxide. Turn your furnace off, open the windows and contact a professional immediately.

Your Heating Bills are Higher Than Normal

Are this year’s heating bills much higher than last? Hopefully you’ve been keeping an archive. Compare your heating bills. If you notice a major discrepancy, your furnace might be operating inefficiently because of an outstanding issue, especially if heating costs haven’t risen. You should schedule a service technician to inspect it closely.

Your Indoor Air Quality is Deteriorating

Poor indoor air quality can indicate a number of issues, one of which includes a dirty HVAC filter that you need to replace. It might also signal a bigger problem with your heating system, though. If you find yourself sneezing, coughing and sick more often in your home, consider testing its IAQ to determine the root cause.

Do you suspect your heating system needs a repair or replacing? Contact Roland Black Heating & Cooling at (704) 865-1375 to figure out the problem and resolve it right away. The last you want is to endanger your family with a faulty furnace. We’ll help you take care of that major heating repair immediately.

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