If you’re due for an air conditioner upgrade, ductless AC might be an energy-efficient option for your Gastonia, NC home. Here’s why:

Say Goodbye to Ductwork Energy Losses

The average American home loses up to 30 percent of conditioned indoor air by way of ductwork cracks and poorly connected joints. You could get your ducts sealed before installing a new central air conditioner, but why bother? With ductless air conditioning, you can enjoy a customized, high-efficiency cooling system where treated air is never wasted.

Experience Targeted Zoning Technology

It makes no sense to cool your whole house when you’re only using one room. With ductless AC, each zone has its own wall-mounted air handler and its own remote thermostat. Each thermostat operates independently of the others, so you can cool only the rooms you’re using.

Enjoy Real Savings With Inverter Technology

With inverter technology, a ductless mini-split system uses only the energy it needs to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Because the compressor works only as hard as it has to, the system cools your home up to 30 percent more efficiently. Inverter technology also manages temperature extremes more efficiently than old-school compressors, creates a more stable indoor temperature and achieves the desired temperature in half the time.

Use Programmable Thermostats for 24/7 Temperature Management

It’s one thing to know you should cut back the AC when the house will be empty, but it’s another thing to actually do that every day. Instead, why not use programmable timers? With this “set it and forget it” technology, you can experience the most energy-efficient temperature settings in real time, and all you have to do is add up the savings.

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