Duct Replacement: When You Should Opt for an Air Duct Replacement?

Whether you have a heating or cooling air conditioning system, you need to make sure your ductwork is properly maintained with a duct replacement when necessary, whether it’s just a few lines or the whole ductwork. If you’re curious about when your ductwork requires replacement, Roland Black Heating & Cooling will give you a hand.

When Your Ductwork Is Old.

Ducts have a 10 to 20 years lifespan on average. As durable as your current ductwork is, it’ll eventually wear out. The defects can encourage issues such as mold, rust, dips, sags, loose fittings, broken connections, or others. Duct replacement is a must to avoid that these things develop into much bigger problems that will affect air quality.

When Your Ductwork is Dirty.

Your ductwork can get dirty both on the inside or the outside. No ductwork is stranger to dirtiness since the common sources of filthy ducts are dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants from our everyday lives. Even though dirt can easily accumulate it isn’t easily removed. After a certain period, it’s not advisable to clean your ducts, especially flexible ducts, but to do a duct replacement instead.

When Your Ductwork Has Rodent Damage.

Rodent, animal or pest damage is also very common on ductwork, especially when the ductwork is located in the attic. These creatures won’t only ruin your ducts but they can also breed and reproduce in it since they chase the hot air during winter.

If these creatures stay in your ductwork, this allows for the contaminated air to enter your home and your vital lungs. Rodent and pest damage can produce an ever-growing cycle that only duct replacement can stop.

When Your Ductwork Was Poorly Installed.

Did you recently buy a new house but you lost all enthusiasm because you found out about the poor duct system way too late? Is your newly-built home ductwork a disaster? This can happen to many new homeowners but if you want to enjoy your new living space without worries, you need a complete duct replacement.

When Your Ductwork is Severely Damaged.

Sometimes, accidents happen and they can happen on the ductwork too. When you see that there’s nothing salvageable and you know your ductwork has reached a point of no return, schedule a duct replacement as prompt as you can.

Keep in mind that if the ducts are completely deteriorated, the problem is too big, it’s extremely difficult to access and repair the ductwork or everything combined, it’s going to be impossible to repair and it’ll end up costing you more money than replacing the duct.

When You’re Upgrading Your Air Heating or Cooling System.

Your air conditioning unit and ductwork go hand in hand. Every component from your air conditioning system is crucial, therefore, if you change your unit you’ll have to replace your ductwork.

Whether it’s a home remodeling, renovation or home addition, you have to make sure the ductwork is updated and also that it matches in size the capacity of the unit. If it doesn’t you’ll be risking your system’s efficiency and promote issues such as humidity, fungal and mold growth, and premature damage

Duct Replacement & Roland Black are Your Best Choice.

Identifying if you require a duct replacement is much easier than deciding that you’re going to do it. However, if your ductwork needs to be replaced and you omit it you’ll end up losing more money than what you may think.

Any damage to your duct system will cause air loss or reduced airflow. The waste air and higher demand for conditioned air will end up in higher energy bills that can’t be solved with a repair. We understand you want your comfort to increase and your costs to decrease but when you don’t replace your ductwork, the result is the opposite.

If you ignore duct replacement you’re also compromising yours and your whole family’s health or that of those who live in your property. As we’ve mentioned before, ducts with dirt, dust, pests, rodents, mold, fungus, and more, can threaten your health.

Despite all of these problems, you deserve comfort and safety on top of everything. You can guarantee them with Roland Black Heating & Cooling. Our financing options and special offers can help you with your duct replacement needs. Experts on what we do, your investment will be worth every penny when you choose to work with us.

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